Yet More March 1993

Item TCS (Tough City Squad, The Chronic Sons etc.) at Huntington.

Ah, Charlie at Motor. It’s easy to see why he inspired so many.

Persu (not to be confused with Persue of Bunnykitty reknown). Love this shot because of the guys hanging out with a blackbook.

Relm at Motor. He was always one of my absolute favorites. This piece (I don’t think I want to know what it’s about) was right next to the Doze and Wen RSC pieces in my book. And if you don’t have my book yet, you’re worse than Hitler. And don’t rack it, ya.

TCS crew at Huntington.

“Aero” by Tyke Witnes. Great then, great now. De-tagged (de-toyed?) with photoshop.

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