I just got this from a friend of mine. If you’re interested, shoot me a notice/contact here or on Facebook.

“I support, and occasionally work at a Vegan restaurant in West Hollywood. They are struggling, like everyone else, and have asked for suggestions to decorate their walls. One wall, is a cement wall painted white, and I suggested a mural. Do you know of any artists that would be interested in doing painting a mural? I doubt there’s any money in this except maybe paint…. The crowds are very cool healthy vegetarian people, and a solid Jewish community. It’s on Pico by Crescent Heights, called Savyon. They’ve been written up with terrific reviews because the food is amazing. It’s Mediterranean but the chef is creative and it’s on the spicy side……good spicy. Let me know. . . worth asking.”

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  1. on 23 May 2011 at 4:01 pmSka21

    Hey Wassup I’m a professional graffiti artist born in the heart of south central Trying to expand business and I would be more than intrested in designing a mural in your shop. Contact me via email: drvolume@yahoo.com

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