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New photo posts here and at Note the interesting post from Saint in the “Technique and Aestheics” section here.

Grafftivity highlights since earlier this month. K4P in South Central; some really nice handstyles on the wall of the Silver Lake off-ramp going north off the 101; found a new way into the cool little K2S yard downtown and caught a very nice Neighborhood handstyle tag for Aloy, Chunk and Else; Augs, always busy, on various walls on a north/south street from Hollywood to South Central; Visions Crew redoing a regular wall of theirs in South Central; in the quiet little spot off the 101/10 exchange was Fishe, Dreye and Versus, and along the freeway curve, Echo, Rime and Shot; GAW in conjunction with ICU had a very fine Myanmar mural up for a few weeks on Slauson, and I’m sure glad I caught it by chance the day before it was painted over; a beautiful Zeser not far away; nice new CBS by Nicnak and Haste (?) at Mel/Fairfax, and reshot the Haste and Dytch pieces in the alley; a few things to shoot at the Sear’s yard (which others call Soto, but there’s another yard just south off of Soto, and that’s the one I refer to as “Soto”), but most amusing was a BWS tag at the entrance that is totally inspired by Atlas’ new handstyle; SH yard is relatively quiet, but there was a nice Pemex, and a quick Fate/Chunk, with the Chunk dissed by the Rascals, but at least they have a decent Neighborhood style; there will probably be postings from an underground parking lot in Hollywood that has given permission to a ton of writers to go up on. Some are kings (Revok Saber Retna Rime Witnes Zes to mention a few), some are good and a few are weak links, but I’m glad I now have access to a digicam so I can flick it in the less-than-ideal light.

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