Still September 1991

Many L.A. writers have talked about periods over the years when graffiti activity was more active or less active. There were long periods, for example, when I didn’t bother going by Belmont Tunnel because it was such a graveyard because of heat from the locals, and then suddenly things got cracking again. It will be interesting to go through my files at some point and really break down the difference between years (although it’s a given that I haven’t always been in town, or that it would be impossible to shoot anywhere near a majority of what is painted during any particular month). For example, I have only around 240 images shot during 2000, compared with around 900 shots for 2003. That’s a huge difference.

I have well over a hundred shots from September 1991, so while not everything is worth showing, much is, and so we’ll be working our way through that month over the next bit of time. As always, scroll to the bottom of the Gallery section to see the latest posts.


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