Enjoyed the barbeque at Thiser STK’s place. Finally got shot the rooftop piece by Koder (?) on Alameda. Good gallery show at 33 1/3 and good backyard pieces by Kopye and Slow. MAK4P on big permission walls in mid city. (Sorry I can’t be too specific about some locations). Revok did the first of five “Greas” pieces after loosing a bet on an MMA match, and he was joined by Rime and an out of town friend. The Fast and the Furious billboard by Revok, Mr. Cartoon and Tloks went up on Sunset. Monster Zes and Tank in Hollywood, now buffed. Nice stuff going up in Hollywood with a gang a guys including Thanx, Atlas (some nice new angles he’s working with), Axis, Bleek, Dytch, Sram, Mers, Midzt and more. Rime and Revok rooftop in Hollywood. Aloy and Krush finally finished their pieces in a Hollywood alley and it was worth the wait. A bunch of SKAsters redid their industrial downtown legal wall. Cool permission and not so permission in Hollywood by Rime, Klor and one more I can’t quite read… Mac and Retna’s latest great wall in mid city. Right near that I found a Bash, Duster and ? wall from a while back, and speaking of old pieces still up, there was a cool old UTI Bode inspired alley wally in East Los near where Eye, Owen, Astek and Wram were going up with a very special appearance by Swank with his immediately recognizable style (thanks to Owen and Wram for the location). Eye told me about Augs and Bonks on an event wall north of Chinatown and I got preliminary shots. Sear’s yard (what some call Soto) had some good things by some vets (Acme and Asylm, Bonks) and new-jacks. South of that, at what others and I call Soto yard, there were some new nearby areas welcomed by Rime, Ewok, Ruets and Soup, and even a little Fishe tag on a rusty surface. Wish, Maz, Kel and Plek (everything he does is good) on a legal downtown. A quick trip to the river found nice bits by Ruets, Hour and I forget the two others; also caught some landmarks by Vader and Lyfer DTR and Nebs (nice cholo inspired blocks), and someone I’d never seen before, “Bufae.” I’m sure I left out a bunch of worthy mentions, but there it is for now.

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