Rolling Around Town

I was falling a bit behind on getting around to shoot new work. I keep notes on spots people tell me about, and I try to get around to the active yards regularly. So first stop was “shit alley” (not to be confused with “the shit yard” in the Valley) off of 8th, a Visions Crew spot, to catch some new pieces, then down to a spot on Washington that Augs, Rime and Bonk got. Then down to the Slauson wall where some good stuff is still up, but other stuff gone over by the Toy Squad. Then down to Florence to catch some very nice pieces by Lokus, Klean, Evak and Tank (I believe). Back on the freeway and over to Commerce yard which seems pretty quiet right now, or at least there’s not much new from a couple of weeks ago; I’m wondering if it’s gotten a bit hot there. Then up to the Whittier and Olympic alleys (seems the north half of the Gerhart alley is now shut down). Monday I’ll hope to get to some other areas of town.

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  1. on 05 Jun 2008 at 3:20 amjohnnie vivanco

    this is so cool man

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