Rails and Relics

Saturday, November 3rd, was the opening for the Rails and Relics show devoted to freight train graff. The upstairs room consisted primarily of model trains painted by early and present freight writers. There were many O.G.s and active guys in the crowd I was glad to see including Rick One K2S, Teler, Deal, Shiver, Fear, Plek, Aloy, Pryer, Cale, Just, Ares, Jero, and more I’m sure I’m forgetting. A special treat was to see Krises AWR, an important L.A. contributor and one of Saber’s teachers, out and about. I’m glad he recognized me from long ago to say hello, because I’m not great at remembering faces from time gone by. Deal had interesting things to say about some early L.A. history involving TDD (Too Damn Def) crew. I may try to get an interview with some of them including Def (not the same as the highly and rightfully respected Defer K2S).

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  1. on 19 Nov 2007 at 12:18 amfontgoddess

    Freight train graffiti is a favorite of mine, since the Union Pacific line turns into a kinetic art gallery. It’s some of the best art in my town.

    Interesting link for you: http://www.complex.com/blogs/?p=7632
    From the scans, the book has some formal similarities to your book. It’s nifty to know that there has been friendly appreciation for writers’ work from the very earliest times.

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