Pre-Catch-up Catch-up

I’m briefly out of town, so it slipped my attention that this up-date was only posted on my page. Here it in case you haven’t been by that site, WHICH HAS A DIFFERENT SET OF PHOTO POSTS FROM MY ARCHIVES.


Sightings since the last post…

What I thought was a rare Braile at a glance turned out to be a Dreye (both having a nicely raw style), with Bonks in the River nearby. Augs and Trav (from out of town) at T7L Western yard. Man and a great Sacred at the garage in Hollywood; some new things at K2S yard downtown.

7-26: Opening at 01 in the Barker Block, with Rime, Zes, Midst, Wise, Augs, Risk, Asylm, Aussies/New Zealanders Askew, Saves, Ryze and Sirm (most of them have my book, some as a Mom’s or girlfriend’s gift).

Caught a Zes in Wilshire district, then went over to Pharmika Gallery and meet OG Heaven, who’s getting his interesting abstract work into galleries. Then to the Schmoo at the wall in Highland Park: Askew, Rime, Saves, Ryze, Sirm, Revok, Augor, Trav, Aloy, Zeser, Pysa, Ces, Med, Frame, Aroe, Risk, and Saber who regals me with tales of this crazy kid that was dogging the crew all day with his insanity. Next day, Rime, Risk, and the Down-unders were at a wall Frame thought he had permission for, but the scene was closed down before everyone could finish because of a watchdog complaint and relatively understanding cops were called in. In consolation, Rime brought the Down-unders to a permission wall in Hollywood where they could paint in peace.
Caught a legal production on Beverly with Cache, Neo, Mandoe, Eye; then to Highland Park to see a strong legal by Werc, Codak, Eye, Jeva; Revok, Roid, and an Aussie in the Arroyo; cool re-done character wall by Eye, Cache, Neo. Rime and friends at T7L yard.
Aug: Got out to the Valley where Shandu very generously met me to let me flick a major K2S series of pieces. Saber Revok Aero Ewok and Rime redoing a Downtown wall. Just a block south, Eyons, Phib, Roten and Evak were going up on a regular spot.

And finally, just today (early September) I got down to a spot in Paramount, directions courtesy of Eyons and Thanx, to flick Eyons, Plek, Thanks, Rvee, Atlas, Grease, Gozer and some I don’t remember off the top of my head.

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