Ok, I’m on it!

From now on, unless I’m out of town, I’m going to post at least something five times a week.

This last weekend had two good gallery shows to see. First stop, walking distance from me, was Kofie at 01 Gallery, the last show that will be under that name. Kofie is one of the best of the locals to make a strong transition to gallery work. His work is mostly abstract and so interesting in their designs that it’s the kind of stuff you really want to spend time with. Here’s some early Kofie quickies (with Gatcha sometimes) from my archive from 1994. He’s an example of what happens to someone with talent that keeps pushing forward.

pg-175-kof-mn-3-94.jpg pg-178-kofiegat-bt-5-94.jpg pg-180-kofiegat-mn-5-94.jpg pg-180-kofz-mn-5-94.jpg
Check his site Keep Drafting!

The second show was the “Send Lawyers Guns and Money” Seventh Letter/MSK show on Fairfax. Wot a madhouse! Great work of course and I’m just annoyed that I spaced on going back to see it again without a ton of crowd there before it came down yesterday. Here’s a “classic period” Eklips (fearless leader) from the Good Ol’ Days of Motor yard, 1992 pg-89-try-mn-9-92.jpg

Of course you should all check out Known Gallery!

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