Nice While It Lasted

I believe it was last month that I noticed one of the most prominent “landmark” pieces bit the dust, or, more accurately, paint. Though there is some variation in definitions from writers concerning the term “landmark,” the most common one is simply a tag, throw-up or piece that has stayed up for a long time. Usually that’s because it’s in an out of the way place, or just hard for toys or buff squads to get to. “Billbacks” naturally stay up longer than billboard (fronts), but this LTS piece by Pysa was up for years, and arguably seen by more drivers in L.A. than any other landmark. The owners of the billboard probably thought, rightly if my assumption is correct, that it wasn’t getting in the way of the functioning side of the billboard, so why waste money painting it over. Illegal, but hard to call vandalism.


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  1. on 27 Apr 2011 at 7:39 amblawyer

    This billboard goes down in history never to be forgotten. This
    Landmark reminds of retna’s awr behind the billboard that was on la cienega , across the street of carl’s Jr, it was viewable on the ten freeway.
    I would like to do a quick animation tribute of this memory lane in graff world, send me a message if u would be. interested in helping out.

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