Monthly report

I was just doing a quick glance back at my slides shot during March, and thought I’d do a quick recap of just some of the highlights. Revok once again keeps setting that bar really high, with rollers on Levitz (along with Nekst), “stone” pieces (with Nekst and Augs, a trio also off the Arroyo), Soto yard, Highland Park and Hollywood. A demolition site in Hollywood has Augs, Ween and Zes still up. A newcomer with a nice style I’m noticing is Spiro, on the same legal wall in Commerce with Kofie, Sonek, Brek (dope organic style, who I also caught in Hollywood with Tank who we probably won’t be seeing around for a long time), Pryer, Trickster and others I’m forgetting off hand (sorry). A cool production in an Echo Park alley had guys doing pieces as beer labels: Clowns, Necro, Size, Wutnot, Ruets and Tony. Thanks to Lokus for the heads-up on a chill wall that he and OG Siner were doing in South Central. Siner was also on a roll down at Commerce with Braile and Sloth, keeping it loose in that great way distinctive to LTSers. Siner and Aybon were also on COI alley wall that was supposed to be done with Vyal, but the production was never finished. MSKs re-did a wall in Hollywood, with Rime, Revok, Ewok, Push and Sever along with Ruets PDB doing the usual great stuff. Rime also did a great Mickey Mouse piece elsewhere in Hollywood, with Ruets just a wall away. Thanks to Asylm for letting me know about an El Serreno production happening: great stuff by Asylm, a superfine piece by Swank, a little bit by Panic, with a nice Sherm next to a cool little Kofie piece (also doing his unique graffics pieces in Echo Park and Melrose). Caught some good stuff in ELA (always nice to catch Kapow), and a nice Visions Crew production in “Shit Alley” not to be confused with the Shit Yard in the Valley. And finally, though I know it’s now April, I ran across a great new Augor/Fucte wall downtown, and when I got in to flick it, Augs was there with a friend to get pics himself. Well, I’m sure I missed talking about somebody I caught flicks of, but that will do for now. We have an embarrassment of riches here!

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