Well, the big MOCA show is opening this weekend, and for whatever (inevitable) criticism the show is bringing, it will be interesting in many ways. I will have some photos there, and crews repped by productions or members include ICR, K2S, STN, CBS, MSK, AWR, TGO, UCA, LOD, UTI, AM7, WCA, KSN, STK, SMD, SH, LTS, KOG, COI, NASA, YR, K4P, SKA, DTK, MTA, DCV, PDB, TKO, AL, OTR, WAI, RTN and USC. You want to know who they are specifically? See the show… Spots: Arroyo Seco, Sanborn, Motor, Belmont (duh!), Venice Pavilion, Whitsett/Sherman Way, Commerce, 7th/Santa Fe, El Serreno, L.A. River, Art District, and one-time spots at various places around the city. See the show and enjoy. Haters can stay home and grumble.

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