June/July Grafftivity

So, to catch up on recent sightings, starting with late May when I ran into Asylm in El Serreno at a wall done by “Killa Styles,” a group composed of Vyal, Werc, Marka27, Odesy and Problak. Caught some nice power pole tags by Revok and Zes in West Hollywood, and it creeps me out just to even THINK about climbing up that high.

Getting back into town in mid June, there was a good wall jam in Highland Park with Panic, Fear, Pale, Size, Megs, Acme, Drue, Crise, Dahm, and Eye (sorry if I missed anyone). Then over to Melrose for the cool Dalai Lama piece by Mear, and the “Rival” homage by Axis. RIP to Rival: I understand his funeral had OGs coming out of the woodwork to show respects. Also on Melrose were SkyPage, and a nice wall by Anger, Axis (very cool black and white early cinema-style character), Sram and Dytch. Right around the corner from that alley production was a great Tastes Like Gold piece bomb.

Over at the Graff Lab was new stuff by Vox and Gabe88 hitting up K2STN, and a Skegs on the east wall. Glad I got the Revok in the Artist District before it was dissed by some worthless toy.

I’m grateful to have gotten a shout about some painting in or near the River by Main St. by Bonks and Augs, and a Skegs nearby. (I was at an art related activity in the area and noticed a rare Braile up, and I’ll hope to shoot that before it’s gone.) Thanks to C for the notice about the purple and gold “Go Lakers!” by Ruets and Asylm on the 110N. Down the Commerce tracks: sometimes there’s a ton of stuff, and sometimes not. This time the only things worth shooting were a nice Fear, and a DGONE who’s a new DCV name to me.

Just west out of Downtown was a Nekst/Augor rooftop and the same duo at Wilshire Center. Any graff heads that made it to the MBW show in Hollywood probably thought it worth the trip just for the Revok, Retna, Saber and Rime pieces going up the stairs.

In late June I was turned onto a new yard in Vernon that I believe Kopye got running. Kopye is BAMC and K2S and is strongly contributing to the new generation, particularly with his character work. Nice to see someone trying to put something personal out there and not worrying if it looks too Emo to anyone. A bunch of guys were going up when I was there, including Ones, who has a nice angular style. Down near the Soto yard Ruets, Rime and Ewso did a fresh wall. Ruets and Rime also re-did a wall they have running in Highland Park, with Rime doing a “one letter burner.”

Got down to Garden Grove to flick the Revok/Witness wall, and it was worth the drive. Since last year I’ve been wanting to get a shot of the Zes/Retna roof on Santa Fe (their previous outing being in my book), but hadn’t found a way as I had last time, but as I was driving up Santa Fe and passing the building, I noticed a tall ladder propped up to the roof, so I pulled over and climbed up to catch a quick couple of shot before running out of film. Apparently, someone was going to be working on the air conditioning… how convenient!

Then, just last week, Augor and Revok improved a Batman billboard on Fairfax, and just down the street Dreye was on a roof, and though I generally think it sucks to hit any building with architectural style, it’s a good piece. An interesting note was a fine Mear piece on a CBS wall along with Anger, something we haven’t seen for years.

And bringing it up to the present, 7-12, I caught the TLG/Augs billboard on Pico (thanks R, for the location), and a nice K4P/MAK wall in South Central. I went by Slauson, but it was not too inspiring this time out. I still have a bunch of “to shoot” listings to get to, but at least I’m getting crossed off of the always renewing list.

I’ll be posting more archive photos within the week.

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