June 1994

So rather than just adding to the gallery, I’m going to do photo post here as well, so check in regularly!
School of Hard Knox by SH, Belmont.
Panic’s presence in the letters is clear, as Precise’s is in the character work. Here’s a detail:
Mural STK has always had an interesting loose style, and this example is from the Arroyo:
Xpres was a major character heavyweight early on:
And Nuke’s characters and letters always stood out too:
Many writers and crews have come and gone, some getting recognition, and others not so much. Here is Gear MDK on Belmont Hill:

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  1. on 13 Mar 2009 at 10:59 pmGraffhead

    Great picture of Xpres’ character.

    You may want to post Axis’ “The Street Wizard” piece that is right next to it. It’s a very nice piece by Axis in remembrance of SK8.

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