Jersey Joe, Ruets and more

Pomona’s Art Colony was a busy place this last Saturday night. A number of galleries had openings and at least three bands were playing either on the sidewalk, in the alley, or in stores. It was an interesting mix of kids in their teens, and adults into the AARP age. Someone that graffsters should become aware of is Alexander Couwenberg, a gallery artist who has an awesome design sense and uses materials inspired by surf and car culture. He only had one painting down at 256 Main, but worth making the effort to see if in that area. Jersey Joe and Rime had a show at the tattoo shop on 2nd St. and it was nice to hang a bit with them.

Other good moments were running into Pryer, Roten, Thanks and Vert at a wall in the Art District. That was after doing probably the last shoot of the Arroyo Meeting of Styles productions. A free monthly paper reported that two thirds of the murals were buffed on behalf of councilwoman Gloria Molina, but I’d say that at least seventy five percent of the work is still up. Unfortunately, the DCV, CBS and K4P productions were buffed along with half of the Mear piece. Why in the world would city authorities was taxpayer money to cover over murals in an obscure location?

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