Is Gloria Molina Insane?

One has to question Gloria Molina’s sanity. That she would spend significant amounts of city money to paint over the Meeting of Styles murals in the Arroyo, reportedly acting like a sexual hysteric over a very innocent green wood-nymph character by Asylm, and then wanting to charge it all to FOLAR (Friends Of The Los Angeles River), well, it’s certifiably bizarre behavior. She is having city authorities conduct a campaign that would make Stalin proud, threatening property owners with huge fines if they don’t paint over murals she hasn’t approved such as the beautiful murals of the Buddah at Western and Marathon featured in the L.A. Weekly. My understanding is that her hatred of art has come to a head, with enough response from business owners infuriated with her actions, that the city has put a moratorium on citations until a policy can be worked out. But don’t just take my word for it. Watch the following video at and keep in mind that Chairman Gloria had the mural painted out. Seeing that she is also on a tear about Taco Trucks around the city, Vyal thinks she must be ashamed of having Mexican blood, and is therefore trying to wipe out any trace of that culture; no graffiti, no tacos. Perhaps she should legally change her last name to something as bland as she wants to make the whole city.

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  1. on 29 Apr 2008 at 2:00 amsteveWP

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    After looking at photos [particularly nice photo documentation here: KOOL DEEJAY DESTROY: R.I.P Meeting Of Styles…(Final Pics)] and reading articles at the LA Times and various blogs, I am convinced that this woman would probably find the Louvre offensive. Vyal may be right, maybe she wants a Latinaectomy. Or maybe politicians need to curb their facist dreaming and find something useful to do. If they can’t differentiate between the chaos of vibrant creative culture and the chaos violence and meaningless destruction, then maybe they should go back to the “planned communities” with rules and regulations that cover details down to the shade of paint acceptable for the mailbox. But this is a side-effect of having a political class that is out of touch with the real day-to-day struggles of the proletariat. If the current economic situation doesn’t change, violence and social unrest will rise, making worries about graffiti seem even more trivial than they already are.

    I wonder if she has the guts to do it São Paulo-style and go all the way.

  2. on 04 May 2008 at 9:42 amyours

    this lady reminds me of those people back in the days of WWII, when narrow-minded peanuts claimed the right to define what art und culture should be like. in present times while people are starving, fighting and killing each other, or being kicked out their houses, this lady got nothing else to do than creating problems out of nothing. its ridiculous.

  3. on 11 May 2008 at 2:37 pmEasi!

    Gloria Molina…….

    I mean, what she’s doing is overreacting to a level that is completely immature.

    She’s literally having a tempertantrum.

    And its sad that she is getting that upset about art work.

    I’ve seen pictures of the “tits in question”. And if she is that upset about a drawing then she needs a serous reality check.

    And besides, and the point was made in the article, that is artistic freedom. She has no right to censor someone else’s art work. That is, (as it was put in the article) like being a dictator.

    Anyways, as someone who writes graffiti. Gloria Molina can go jump. Because they had the permit.

    Peace and Love!

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