Influencing Hollywood?

I was talking with Use YR the other day and he told me something very surprising. He works as a scenic painter for Hollywood TV/movies and said that when an art director used to want a reference for graffiti in a background, they would pull out Spray Can Art or Subway Art and say “Do something like this piece.” Now, he said, they pull out my book and have some piece in there they want the style of. Kinda cool. It would be even more cool if they contacted me and I could actually get some more guys some of that work. Although Use is a veteran with strong skills and I’m sure they are always happy with his work, he would love it if they just gave him free reign instead of just wanting him to duplicate the style of someone else.

Use YR (Yard Rats, one of my all time favorite crew names), Belmont, Nov. ’97:


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