Grafftivity Update

And check out the new little batch from my archive in the GALLERY!

Late September: MSK production in the Arts District with Rime, Revok, Aroe (UK) Saber and Ewok,; fresh Augs Bonks TLG Pharoe in Lincoln Park, new Oz yard pieces, Highland Park with Fear and Pale; Augs Bonk in Silver Lake,
October: Saber and Rime doing a presentation at Pasadena Art Center College of Design.
10-2: Outsiders in Echo Park: an Echo Park alley with Make, Neo, Panic and Size, Silver Lake 18th placas on the sidewalk from a long time ago, bits at Sears Yard (nice Ewso), New Kopye and others at the THC yard,; Zes and Augs in Hollywood; UGLAR book event, Asylm on Alvarado (sorry I waited too long to get a shot and now there’s a fence up). Sonek has a new South Central permission wall running with some good stuff by many including Sonek, Kyte, Selek, Drop, THCs, K2Ss.
A nice wall in East L.A. with Fear, Thanx, Vyal, Omega, and a bunch more I’ll remember when I look at the shots again.
Piecebook signing (NY veterans) at Crewest. Kofie and Mear at Regent Theater Gallery.
10-11: 01 Gallery for Mear’s show.
Ran into Mandoe at 4th/Mott where he was doing a nice commissioned business wall which for some reason (Molina?) was buffed shortly after. Raised in Mexico until 12, then here. The angel cap is his symbol for being an evolving person/artist through art and giving back to the city, being a part of the city (pouring paint/himself into the city). He worries that Latino kids that don’t relate to their heritage are internally homeless.
Some great new walls in Alhambra that Plek is getting going with a great WAI CBS production starting things off.
Also some Ewso pieces, Scud and Ider in the El Serreno alley. Got a call from L.A. veteran Angst this morning; he’s been in Argentina for a year working on his art.
Nice Augs and Tastes Like Gold in South Central (does anyone really call it South L.A. now?).

November: 33 1/3 Lost (Eye curator) opening. Visions Crew in South Central near USC and more in East L.A. Block 28 show in the historic Bank District downtown, with Disney being smart enough to let various artists reinterpret Mickey Mouse, including Chaz, Mear, Slick, Rime, Ewok, Crayola and Steven Daily.
Zes in Hollywood and Downtown. Revok, Frame and an out of towner downtown. Nice little WAI/UTI production in the Arts District with Thanx, Rvee, Kapow, and from a couple of guys from Utah that I’ll get the names for in the next few days.

Nice opening on Melrose at SURU for the Axis show. Ruets and a friend at Soto yard, Risk and Krush south downtown.

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