Just some of the latest activity… (this will be a duplicate post on my MySpace page). Check the new photo posts in the Gallery!

Some stuff at Commerce, but nothing mind-bogling, same behind A/G. Revok, Rime, and two friends from the UK, Roid and I forget the second, on the wall off the Arroyo, always best quality. Nice event at Back In The Day in Hawthorne, guys in the yard painting, MC-ing, and inside where there is a tiny martial arts place, some really good popping/locking battles went on. Nice to catch up with Fear, Thanxs. Dropped by Seventh Letter HQ where Eklips is always working hard (or was that hardly working?). In central/downtown, a cool character-only production was being put up by Eyer, Mandoe, Vyal, Werc, Mode, Neo, Sherm and Cache.

At Meltdown Comics, Eyeone/Seeking Heaven presented “Lost Ten Years” with a slew of good work by various artists. The show is up ’till May 24th so check it out! Too many people to remember, but good to see Atlas, Eye (thanks for the T-shirt!), Precise, Relic, Anger and Family, Modem (telling me about an early pre-SH spot that I’d never heard about before). Had a chance to talk with double-OG Rick One about Neighborhood handstyles: His knowledge is truly deep.

At the Graff Lab it was great to see Gil One and Woier, and to talk about 254 crew, who I was not aware of. Check their history out at I was aware of Keo’s work, but not that he’d been part oƒ 254, and more recently I became aware of Gil and very recently Woier, but it’s good to know the connection to 254.

And finally, just yesterday I got a call informing me about new Revok/Augs/UKs in Echo Park and at the Western yard with Revok/Augs/Rime. I guess I can still climb a fence if I want/need to, because I really wanted to get the Bonks/TLG (Tastes Like Gold)/Augs wall before that gets gone. Met some nice kids from the Valley (SIR crew) there to check it out. They reminded me about a wall that Augs and ?? had done. I think it was Rime that told me about on it, just off the 101. I keep a running list of “to-shoot” and sometimes forget to refer to it.

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