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Sidewalk Statement

“All about love” 1983… crossed out. Makes you wonder what the little story was.

Iowa Benching

I was in Ames, Iowa, and had a chance to do some benching. To see the first batch of shots, go to Gallery Page 2 and scroll down.

Tiny Interview

Pretty funny, this little interview for “Switched at Birth.” I talked for ten minutes about L.A. but they cut it down to just about nothing. At least I got to say that the 213 is the cutting edge!

A good cause for good people, so come on out!

We would like to invite you, your friends, and followers to join us. Please see the below message, feel free to spred the word. Come out support HIP HOP ELEMENTS in full effect. HEX & SKILL will be on view at the Crewest Gallery Sept 8th thru Sept 29th. Join us for the Opening Reception […]

Let’s Help Panic Out!

For those that don’t know Dave Robeson, AKA PANIC, he is a terrific artist who has been in L.A. since childhood (coming from Chile with his family ). He recently tried to get legal status and instead got picked up by the brownshirts at ICE, throwing his family (wife and two young children) into complete […]

The most common painful story to hear from writers is about their albums or shoe boxes of photos disappearing or getting stolen or taken by police, never to be seen again. SO, get a decent scanner (Epsons are good and not expensive), scan everything as TIFFs (not JPEGS), then have one copy on an external […]

New Book Coming Out

Adam Clark has been working on this book for some time now and it will be one worth having if you are a fan of either graff or rascals making commentary on corporate adds.

Conart Oct. ’93

Just posted a few shots of things done at the Skate memorial at Conart in October 1993. Go to Gallery Page 2 and scroll down to see them. Anyone know who did this one inside of Conart? (Click to see large)

UTI Compton

I kicked a shot of a UTI production down to Skill One recently and mentioned I’d get around to posting closer shots. Here they are, from September of 1994. The production is a quote from Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”: It’s like a jungle, sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under.” To see the […]

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