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Ok, the Big Catch Up post. Yes it would be much more interesting to accompany the post with pics, but I haven’t gotten to color correction yet and don’t have the time to resize everything. But how’s this: I promise that I’ll post at least some highlights by mid-December, and maybe even something that hasn’t […]

8-24-07: I was at the wall where members of The Exchange ( were painting as part of the Collabo tour ( Revok, Aero (UK), Ewok, Sever and Persue among them. I went around the corner to grab a bite, and as I was leaving, saw two guys come in for a beer, one of them […]

7-30-07: I suppose it was a good thing I slept late instead of getting up early to get down to Commerce to shoot a new UTI production (which I’ll do tomorrow), because Frances Anderson from KCRW called to ask if I would like to do a last minute interview with “Which Way L.A?” host Warren […]