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As I scan my slides, now up to 5-93, I’m seeing Aero AWR quite a bit (along with a million other writers of course). He’s long retired and now there’s an occasional “Aeroe” I see on CBS walls now and then. And just to add confusion for history buffs, there’s Aroe from the U.K. of […]

Rolling Around Town

I was falling a bit behind on getting around to shoot new work. I keep notes on spots people tell me about, and I try to get around to the active yards regularly. So first stop was “shit alley” (not to be confused with “the shit yard” in the Valley) off of 8th, a Visions […]

Got by the new office for Roger Gastman’s Swindle Magazine. Thanks to Roger for the books I left with including the “Saber: Mad Society” book which I was glad to contribute photos to. Saber used to call me “Huntington Steve” because that’s where he remembers first meeting. His book looks interesting like a distinctive story, […]

7-14-07: My girlfriend, Ingrid, and I drove up to beautiful Point Reyes about an hour north of San Francisco, but on the way up stopped in to support our boy Saber at his show at White Walls Gallery. It’s a really strong show, with a variety of Saber’s work, from his beautiful but spooky urban […]