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Latest sightings… Augs and Bonks in Hollywood, Bonks and Ewso (keeping it funky) North of Chinatown, Ewso and company in Highland Park, an LTS/MAK production in the pinata district downtown, Bonks and Augs in South Central. Over to the Graff Lab where I met “71” who tries to keep things organized and civil there, and […]

Graff Lab

7-22-07: I received a heads up from Kofie (TPS 93, UTI 95, RF 96/7, VT 97/8, WCA 2001, Draftsmen) that he and some other heads went up at the Graff Lab, and while I’ll always try to get Kofie’s work on film, it was also notable for the presense of Omega, the first strong female […]