Graff Lab

I head from Vox that he, Gabe and Sram (one of my favorite CBS/WAI guys going up these days) went up at the Graff Lab, so I headed down there and was sorry to see it was already gone. Seems like the “Venice Syndrome” is happening too much there: new jacks need to study the better writers and let them run. Happily, I ran into a bunch of other heads, including Fear, painting and then holding a DCV meeting, and Drez, who reminded me he drove around with me one day in the ’90s to show me some spots. I saw Esk31 (Yard Rats) was freshly up and he’s someone that’s had a dope different approach since the early ’90s and hasn’t gotten proper credit for it. So I was glad to finally meet him and have a chance to talk about history and whatnot. Then Deal showed up with Akua, and OG Pale. I’ve known Deal since back in the day, and met Akua recently, but for all the years of getting shots of Pale I hadn’t met him, so that was a treat. He thanked me for having him in my book (double page spread of the “Payel Tolse” silver out in the Valley), but I thanked him back because if it wasn’t for all the L.A. talent like him, there wouldn’t be a book.

Also, a few days ago, Pryer was in the neighborhood and we had a chance to hang at Ground Works on Traction. He had interesting things to say about Then and Now.

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