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To continue with 12-91, Tackz at Sanborn:
Tackz, SS, 12-91

Mek during his Plaid Period:

Perk, SS, 1-92

Sacred, always interesting:

Sacred, SS, 12-91

Lexo COI:

pg 48, Lexo, SS, 12-91

Dream and Chalie at Motor:

pg 48, Dream Charlie, MN, 12-91

Can anyone ID this? Looks like “Puresuitarmo” to me:

SS, 1-92, soc

Krises AWR at Motor, 1-92:
Krises, MN, 1-92_ac

Aero AWR at Motor, 1-92:
Aero, MN, 1-92

Rythm at Motor, 1-92:
Rythm, MN, 1-92

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