Ethical Issues, Text Cuts And Commentary
Anybody that considers all graff, including acid tags, and markers on the local mom-and-pop store as some kind of valid expression of the ‘disenfranchised’ and a blow against The Machine (“bomb the system”) is just kidding themselves, not even going so far as to see how steamed up they get over being tagged.

Kofie presents a common view among writers: city property and “limbo” property are possible targets. Private property and homes, no. Broken window theory is valid; “I’m more likely to tag something that’s already been hit. Although rather than tag, I get more excited to pour paint on a section, drop in color, for example on power boxes. What gets hit when writers are together depends on where they’re at, who they’re with and what they have on them.” But Kofie does something else that is unique: he is the only writer in L.A. to do illegal totally non-vandalistic abstract painting. As in the example shown, these are often done on storefronts temporarily boarded up for remodeling. He’s careful to stay on the boards and off the building structure. On occasion he has used alleyway walls.

Locations’ Additional Quotes

One writer I think that people don’t know enough about was Krenz AM Seven. In the early ’90s he was doing stuff that was so ill and ahead of its time. He and some other AM7s were going up on billboards with full-color productions, incorporating images from the billboard, and doing characters, things that nobody at the time was doing.
– Revok

Paint layers from Belmont
Belmont paint layers

Atlas, Asylm and I were talking about sensory ‘anchors’ that bring up memories for writers. Asylm said, “As a child I remember the smell of paint. Another anchor for me is going through weird spots to get to a yard and hiding for a second in bushes, I relate that to crossing the border when we came here from El Salvador when I was five. I remember hearing helicopters and dogs in the distance.”

“I really worked on my piecing, and had a good sense of visualization, so even if it’s pitch black I can count my strokes because I have repetitive memory.”
– Zuco

Views On Mural Bombing Text Cuts

I had asked Revok about his views on mural bombing, and he said he disapproved of it, so I was really curious to ask him about a little mural bomb of his on a freeway, and he replied, “See, that was an exception: I fucked up that night; I was faded and had been doing a little bit of this and that and wasn’t in my best frame of mind, so I stumbled and fell. Generally I donâ’t agree with that; I respect other people’s artwork, graffiti or otherwise. I don’t think it’s cool to screw up other people’s murals because somebody put some time, heart and effort into that and it’s completely selfish and irresponsible to disrespect that, and it’s also a stupid move as a writer because that’s probably the worst thing you can do to draw heat to yourself. That was an intense night, hurtling over car hoods when we got chased. As I get older, and mature as a man, I try to mature as an artist as well, and think a little more responsibly. So generally I approach things that are dilapidated and neglected, in a state of disarray and paint something attractive and aesthetically pleasing on it, although not everybody would find it valuable, but some people are going to see some value in. try to take some urban blight and turn it in to something interesting or colorful, positive in some way. I stay away from mom-and-pop businesses.

Zes: “I respect murals and I won’t disrespect another artist’s work, even if it’s already dissed.”

The mural on page 276-7 is by Nuke.

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  1. on 20 Feb 2009 at 6:58 pmANSER304 DAC

    I’ve been into graffitii all my life I come from a familyof artist. I might not bust like the the great ones but all my respect goes out to them,I’m 17 yrs old in Watts but i go out alot and take the time to admire the peices people take the time to do. I grew up watching
    “STEAM” “UTI” bust and gave me more insperation for graff,
    I dont want to sound like an ass kisser.I was and still
    inspired by the UTI,LCF,SOB,I2W peices marked as I wonder
    .I dont have any contact or info on these guys but the dedication they have for graff makes one who follows it
    open their imagination into the relm of creativity.I started
    A graff club at my school but for those who are open not to those Bang it like a hood.Peace to all who take the time to open themselfs up to art,not only graff but other forms of art.

  2. on 11 Nov 2012 at 6:29 pmdaniele


    Im an italian grafiti lover and I’ll be in vacation for not that long (unfortunately) and I was wondering if you can help me and suggest me some of th best place where I can see graffity/street art etc…

    Thanks for your kind reply,


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