BBoy Summit

I was asked to be a judge for a graffiti competition at last months B Boy Summit organized by the respected B Girl Asia One. I was there along with West and Hex TGO to judge, and all of us found it tough to choose. In a competition like that you kind of end up making nobody happy when you choose a winner, but the main thing was to let people see a group of high caliber writers do their thing; a roll call of tags, a throwie, and a piece that said “FLY,” which they were told would be the word of choice on the spot. Below: Prime (Puro LA), Cre8, Fearo, Versuz, JoJo, Versuz.
DSC_9327, PrimeDSC_9323, Cre8DSC_9330, FearDSC_9310, Versuz tagsDSC_9320, Jojo-ccDSC_9331, Versuz Fly

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