As I scan my slides, now up to 5-93, I’m seeing Aero AWR quite a bit (along with a million other writers of course). He’s long retired and now there’s an occasional “Aeroe” I see on CBS walls now and then. And just to add confusion for history buffs, there’s Aroe from the U.K. of HA crew and now a part of MSK. Not always easy to keep things straight!

’93 was a very good year: Motor yard was going strong, along with Venice Pavilion, 7th and Santa Fe, Huntington Beach Walls, and the Arts District. Of course Melrose was going strong too.

I think it was when I was recently scanning in slides from 3-93 that I found my first shot of Saber’s work. I’ll be curious to see my first Revok when I get to it. It has been great to find stuff I didn’t even know I had because early on I couldn’t read it or didn’t know how to look for the signature. So I’ve found shots of Skate, Nuke, Besk, and so on that have been nice surprises. I’m not being a tease when I say there will be posts in the gallery along the line.

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