Always Learning

If you’ve looked at the Gallery recently, you’ll notice a recently posted shot of 3A crew at Motor. Thanks to “Lil Spanky” for connecting me wit Talo (who will be providing some history), and for telling me about KTE, P2I and 3A who I’m sorry I’ve kind of slept on. I plan on correcting that soon with a correction and props post of their work and history. May take a minute, because I want to go through my archives at least to some degree to see what else I have. I can say up front that I have a bunch of things that are by TALO KTE P2I 3A, and which I ID-ed in my archive as Italo UTI (also a dope writer, not taking anything away from him!). I’m glad to correct that. Just to start, since I misidentified this shot from my CD-Rom as by Italo, I’m correcting it here as by Talo and Deil P2I at Venice Pavilion, September 1995. Stay tuned! (Tech note: the image is cropped on the right because the scanned slide was ajar; I’ll redo it for the bigger post.)


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