Latest sightings…
Augs and Bonks in Hollywood, Bonks and Ewso (keeping it funky) North of Chinatown, Ewso and company in Highland Park, an LTS/MAK production in the pinata district downtown, Bonks and Augs in South Central. Over to the Graff Lab where I met “71” who tries to keep things organized and civil there, and “382” of K2S crew; nice guy and interesting to talk about his entry into a crew that takes their history seriously. Permanent props and shout-outs to OGs Rick One and Prime. Got some mid-city shots of LTS/NBC stuff on a permission wall, always a nice find. And finally, I’ll be curious to see how my night shots came out of a billboard improved by none other than Ron English and Saber who was “graffiti giddy” to hit it up.

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