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Little Video Repost

Just looked at this interview done in Nov. 2007 and it’s fun to look again at some of the walls that were running then.

The KTE Family

The KTE family of crews, KTE, 3A, P2I and ETB have been way overlooked in props given to L.A. veteran crews. I’m glad to say that this was brought to my attention recently, and I have put together their history and a gallery of their work in the “Gallery Page 2” and “Errata and New […]

LTS Battle Production

Here is the LTS battle (Vs TPS seen below) production done at Commerce yard in March 1996. That’s Retna on the left (“MosesLTS”) and Siner on the right, along with Phowl and Verse (RIP).

TPS Battle Production

One of the things I like to do on Facebook is post a photo for writers on their birthday. Ideally something early that they probably don’t have a shot of, back when most kids didn’t have access to a camera and were not thinking of shooting their work. Today I posted something for Kofie, and […]