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I believe I’m finished reposting the older archival shots that were originally on my Myspace page, and have continued a few more shots from late 1992 and early 1993 (Besk, Charlie, Jick , Myte, Veo Hazen, Sacred, Xpress(?)), but I’ll probably get back to a slightly earlier era with the next batch. Stay tuned!

Dream’s Big Five

When talking with Dream SMD in late April, he was curious who my favorite writers were. I told him it depended on the period of time we were talking about, and that I never really thought about a personal Top Ten list. I said of course he would be on the list, but also mentioned […]


Sure sorry to hear about the loss of Dream SMD last week. He was a major inspiration to L.A. writers. Glad I had a chance to talk with him, more than at any time in the past, about who he thought was important to L.A. graff. Also finally met his crew mate, the other half […]