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New York

Interesting article in the New York Times on a graffiti history project going on.

Midwest Benching

I’m in Iowa for a bit, and my girl’s studio is right by the railroad tracks, so every time I hear the whistle blow, I check it out. While there is much of the usual garbage on there, so really nice stuff rolls by on occasion. I’ll be trying to get a few sample shots […]


Anyone know who did the little pieces that were on the low wall in front of Crazy Gideon’s before the less talented guys that went over them a while back? Let me know if you do. The original bits were really nice, and the guys that went over them shouldn’t have, because, going back to […]

Nice While It Lasted

I believe it was last month that I noticed one of the most prominent “landmark” pieces bit the dust, or, more accurately, paint. Though there is some variation in definitions from writers concerning the term “landmark,” the most common one is simply a tag, throw-up or piece that has stayed up for a long time. […]