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Influencing Hollywood?

I was talking with Use YR the other day and he told me something very surprising. He works as a scenic painter for Hollywood TV/movies and said that when an art director used to want a reference for graffiti in a background, they would pull out Spray Can Art or Subway Art and say “Do […]

An interview I did with Aerosol Planet finally came out. It’s always weird to have people ask “Who’s your favorite writer? Favorite crew?” questions. I’ve had favorite writers/crews at different periods, but I’m not interested in saying who they are, because I’m not interested in the winner/looser mentality.

Back In The Day

I had a chance to talk with Nicnak CBS UTI DCT the other day, and he brought up those memories that early generation guys are lucky to have about their discovery of graff. He was a kid growing up in the Palms/Venice area and paying hide and seek, and when he jumped over a wall, […]