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New Photo Archive Posts

I’m going to leave the contemporary stuff alone for a bit, unless there’s something particular to post, and go back to the continuing archive posts which you can view in the GALLERY section. For the most recent posts, scroll to the bottom. The latest are continued from July 1991 and include Wist, something dedicated to […]

Graff People

Good day last Sunday: Got throught the Marathon traffic to shoot a Revok-Rime-Ewok wall in Hollywood (those guys are thinking at a very high level); Then back to Industrial Downtown where I ran into some K2Ss finishing a wall on behalf of a friend’s organization “Responsible Addicts”; And while the guys in the above shot […]

Huskey Radio

I just did a little interview on and that should be available on their archive page soon if you’d like to hear/see it. Mandoe MAK/K4P was interviewed after me so you would definitely want to listen to that.

Sloooow Catch Up Post #5

I know a bunch of these have been posted elsewhere, but here they are… Detail shots of an El Serreno wall from 7-09, Asylm and Atlas, Then Acme, Sherm and Skypage, then someone from SPV crew (ID anyone?), and finally Ween (note: looking at Ween’s piece, two things are super clear: a) it’s not gang […]