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Photo Posts

Just a quick note that I have also posted a few new last-year photos at, and while I’ll keep posting there from time to time, I’ll do more photos here because I can show them larger. The following are continued from 7-09. K4P. Now THOSE are cool block letters! South Side. K4P yet again! […]

Catch-Up photos pt. 3

All the following shots in this post are from July ’09. CBS Jungle Production. Haste, on of my favorite CBSs, whose influences draw from architects, graphic artists and a host of non-graff sources. Selek, down the tracks. Ruets. Marie Poppins.

Ruets and Ewso in Echo Park Rime, Augs, Berst and Dribs in Echo Park Some UTI in Industrial Downtown. Chem? Berst at Soto yard Detail of a long CBS production on Melrose. Looks like the characters are by Plek to me. NOTE!! I just received this correction: “None of those characters were done by Plek; […]

Continuing from 6-09… just random choices. And yes, a bunch have been posted on other sites by other people, but a lot of folks still don’t understand how to use a camera. Kyte, Arts District, interesting to see it unfinished. Selek and the finished Kyte piece. Revok tag, a mix of “neighborhood” styles. Roid and […]