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C2D, “Create To Devastate,” came out of DP, “Def Productions.” Odin, Dazzle and Mel on this bit on Melrose. A ton of people painted decent stuff but never became acknowledged names. Care was one of those people, here at Motor. Jick, a top early character writer (and he had good letters too) at Huntington Beach. […]

More March 1993

Such, on Melrose. Not particularly flipped, but clean strong letters and a very ’90s fill style. Besk and Pale at 7th and Santa Fe. Classic CBS. Mear, Anger, Krash and Unit on Melrose. Sacred at Santa Fe yard. Always interesting to see cholo letters (COI…) on a cross. Xpres and Krash on Melrose. You can […]

For an in-depth report on the ugly restrictions the L.A. City Counsel wants to adopt on mural restrictions, go to ICU Art.

February and March 1993

>Nerv at 7th and Santa Fe: PET crew, Highland Park: Sure, you’ve seen pics of this, but maybe not so early with good color. Zender and friends, Highland Park: Last one for now. Very interesting because KGB (Kids Gone Bad) were one of the important first generation crews and there are not that many photos […]

June 1994

So rather than just adding to the gallery, I’m going to do photo post here as well, so check in regularly! School of Hard Knox by SH, Belmont. Panic’s presence in the letters is clear, as Precise’s is in the character work. Here’s a detail: Mural STK has always had an interesting loose style, and […]

Skill UTI

A while back, there was a post thread on 50mm concerning Skill UTI. I posted some pics, but in case folks didn’t see them or don’t look at that forum, here they are. From the Panic Zone, ’92 In Hollywood, with Toons, ’92 Santa Fe Yard, ’92 Same place and year Arts District, ’93 Late […]

Ok, I’m on it!

From now on, unless I’m out of town, I’m going to post at least something five times a week. This last weekend had two good gallery shows to see. First stop, walking distance from me, was Kofie at 01 Gallery, the last show that will be under that name. Kofie is one of the best […]