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One has to question Gloria Molina’s sanity. That she would spend significant amounts of city money to paint over the Meeting of Styles murals in the Arroyo, reportedly acting like a sexual hysteric over a very innocent green wood-nymph character by Asylm, and then wanting to charge it all to FOLAR (Friends Of The Los […]

Latest sightings… Augs and Bonks in Hollywood, Bonks and Ewso (keeping it funky) North of Chinatown, Ewso and company in Highland Park, an LTS/MAK production in the pinata district downtown, Bonks and Augs in South Central. Over to the Graff Lab where I met “71” who tries to keep things organized and civil there, and […]


On the way to grab a bite nearby (Artist District), I came across a great production going up by SH and K4P. A bunch of guys were involved including Panic, Mandoe, Modem, Toons, Dsrup, Neo, Cache, Zuco, Eyer, Noek, Biser, Precise. It was great for me to finally meet some OGs that I have flicked […]


I forgot to mention that I finally have a MySpace page, and I want to thank John of ONEOONE ( for being such a good guy putting it all together for me.


I went to the CBS show at Crewest last night, and it’s a strong show. The night before, Atlas and Xpress were working on the walls and helping hang the show. Nice to see a good variety of work in various media. Featured artists listed were Anger, Atlas, Aura, Axis, Bizar, Crash, DJ Rob One […]

Monthly report

I was just doing a quick glance back at my slides shot during March, and thought I’d do a quick recap of just some of the highlights. Revok once again keeps setting that bar really high, with rollers on Levitz (along with Nekst), “stone” pieces (with Nekst and Augs, a trio also off the Arroyo), […]