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The term “corporate” is the graffiti term coined by Yem (Krenz), founder of AM7, for doing a piece on the front of a billboard. Ideally integrating the piece/s with the existing imagery. I ran into Yem who wanted to clarify that his first partner that worked with him was Dae, followed by Doonze/Dew. Today there […]

Just a heads-up to people writing to get in touch: don’t post anything on the site that you don’t want everybody to see. If you are sending anything like a personal e-mail address or phone number, send it to and only I will see it. Steve


As I scan my slides, now up to 5-93, I’m seeing Aero AWR quite a bit (along with a million other writers of course). He’s long retired and now there’s an occasional “Aeroe” I see on CBS walls now and then. And just to add confusion for history buffs, there’s Aroe from the U.K. of […]