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Tackz AM7

I had a chance to grab a coffee and hang with Tackz AM7 this last Monday. He goes back to the first generation of graffsters in L.A. and had interesting things to say about Back Then. For example, he apprenticed under the legendary Hex TGO and Skill UTI, and talked about when he was with […]

I did an interview with Sum-In-One for, and they split it into nine parts, so if you need to waste some time, go to Vlaze and search for Steve Grody and my stuff will be on the second page. Thanks to S-I-O for putting it together.

Catching Up

I got back from the snowy mid-west last week and have caught up with at least some shooting (as in photography) of local graff. I ran across a CBS/WAI production going up on a new Melrose wall and had a chance to meet Haste, who is influenced by many styles of graphics thinking outside of […]