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Well Woo Hoo!, what nice surprises to find out this week that this month’s issue of New York Magazine considered my book on of the Top Ten books of the year and one of the two best “counter culture coffee table books” along with “Banksy: Wall and Piece” (what good company I keep!). See it […]


After talking for several months to the folks at the top graphics professionals site,, I finally had my article posted this last Tuesday (12-11-07). It’s right there at the top of the page where you can’t miss it. I particularly like having shots of Eklips, Atlas, Revok, Relm and Kofie on such an upscale […]

Graff Lab

I head from Vox that he, Gabe and Sram (one of my favorite CBS/WAI guys going up these days) went up at the Graff Lab, so I headed down there and was sorry to see it was already gone. Seems like the “Venice Syndrome” is happening too much there: new jacks need to study the […]


This last Thursday, Crewest had a slew of folks doing pieces on panels for competition/promotion of the new Will Smith Movie “I Am Legend.” Sonek predicted correctly that the guy that did a realistic image of Smith’s face would will since the movie people had some judges as part of the deal. I’m glad that […]