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A panel was held yesterday at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, organized by Bonnie Poon, moderated by Patrick Polk, with Judy Baca and me. Toons of USC crew was scheduled to be there but got tied up with work up north. For those of you that don’t know about Judy and her organization, SPARC (Social and Public […]

Graffiti Party

I dropped by the Graffiti Party at Crash Mansion yesterday and it was nice to see many vets painting and hanging. Too many to remember, but they included Shiver, Rime, Besk, Size, Siner, Ewok, Dream, Make, Werc, 125, Prell, Jero, and Drew just off the top of my head. Some good painting of course, but […]

New Press

It’s been a while since I checked in to see if there were any new reviews, and found this by Sidik Fofana recently posted on All Hip (all one word of course). Nice, of course, to see positive press, but it’s always funny to see the little things reviewers get wrong, in this case […]

Outta Town

I should have mentioned it a week ago, but I am out of town for a bit, so I may not be able to respond to new posts right away. In the meantime I’m in the mid-West and have frequent opportunities for train benching. A lot of nothing, then some tags and throw-ups, and then […]