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Crewest Gallery

Crewest had a pre “river painting” get together. I was glad to finally get books to some of the interviewees I’d missed up to this point, including Nuke, Fear, Sherm, and Man. Nice to get something in a new black book from Sonek, and Steam UTI who I met for the first time.

Got by the new office for Roger Gastman’s Swindle Magazine. Thanks to Roger for the books I left with including the “Saber: Mad Society” book which I was glad to contribute photos to. Saber used to call me “Huntington Steve” because that’s where he remembers first meeting. His book looks interesting like a distinctive story, […]

A Few Shots

My thanks to Asylm of SH crew, for giving me the heads-up on a few new pieces done in the L.A. River and down at Commerce yard. UTI, WAI, LTS and other crews are putting up strong pieces.


Nice range of spray can and brushwork on walls, boards and canvases at the L.A. Time show down in South Central. Work from LTS, GAW and many others. Then over at 33 1/3 live painting was happening with Make, Cre8, Besk, Siner, Zuco and others. It was nice to to meet Siner’s older brother and […]

9-8-07: LACMA put on a cool panel with Jim Heimann (author of a number of Taschen books), Barbara Thornburg (author of L.A. Lofts) and myself, moderated by Charles Phoenix. Nice that the questions were all relevant and not of the “hater” variety.