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A short interview I did for ArtScene Visual Radio will be availble for listening for a little while at: I’m somewhat in the middle of the program of interviews, so “pull” the toggle to just under the “R” in in “Clothier” (the interviewer listed above the controls) and you’ll get my part. Eventually it […]

At Commerce Yard

8-27-07: Nice to run into Sonek down at Commerce yard and have a chance to talk about some of the latest goings ons. And my thanks to Thanxs for getting back to me about some wall locations.

8-24-07: I was at the wall where members of The Exchange ( were painting as part of the Collabo tour ( Revok, Aero (UK), Ewok, Sever and Persue among them. I went around the corner to grab a bite, and as I was leaving, saw two guys come in for a beer, one of them […]

8-3-07: The book signing at Shore Books went nicely, and Besk, Size, Lokus, Dash, Tank, and Evak were some of the writers to hang during the evening. Omega made a brief appearance which was very nice; I haven’t seen her in years. Earlier in the evening, a guy came through, having me throw a tag […]