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6-16-07: I had a chance to show the book to some of the guys that haven’t had a chance to see it yet, including Chee UTI/I2W, Phib SKA and Atlas who had a strong voice in the book. Natoe and Midzt were there (this was at a big production going up in the Artist District) […]

I went to the “FROM LA WITH LOVE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY” at he A+D Museum where Kofie and Retna (among others) had installations, and I was happy to run into Kerse NASA and Mear WCA. I had brought a copy of my book just for tags and got theirs in it along with Midzt. Zes, […]

6-14-07: I went to the “Karan Koron” geta showat Meltdown Comics in Hollywood that had a ton of local talent do their art on traditional Japanese sandals. Make STN did a great job organizing the show.