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New Roll Call Page

5-31-07: Although I include some corrections of text in the various pages on this site, I’m creating a new page just for additional roll call.

Crewest Gallery

5-26-07: Thanks to Man One at his Crewest Gallery for putting on a book signing event for me yesterday. And thanks to the writers that showed up to sign books, because they’re the ones the people really want tags from. Thanks to Slick, Asylm, Vyal, Prime, Toons, Kofie, Jero, Siner and whoever I’m forgetting mention, […]

5-24-07: WOW! After less than a month after being released, HNA publishing is gearing up for a second press run of Graffiti L.A. And this is before the upcoming press in Urb, Source, Giant Robot, New Perspectives, and ReadyMade magazines and the L.A. Weekly! I’m really happy with the response from the writers I have […]

MOCA Panel

Saturday, May 19th: The presentation at MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) went nicely. Big thanks to Jim Prigoff for moderating the panel with Revok, Risk, Vyal and me, and big thanks to the panelists. There was an interesting mix in the audience of writers and curious outsiders. My slide presentation was a bit raggedy because […]

Tonight, May 15th, I did a little presentation at the Pasadena Museum of History, and the irony of doing a talk on graff in the middle of a very moneyed area was not lost on me, but the people there were very tripped out in a positive way about the depth of talent and creativity […]

On May 5th, a book release event took place at the Chelsea Museum of Art in New York and a great panel took part: New York veterans Crash and Bio (big honkin’ thanks to you guys coming through for someone you never met before!) and L.A. major contributors Relm/Devin Flynn and Delo/Lance (coming onboard at […]