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Dream Benx, MN, 12-91

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Getting back to adding posts from my archive in generally chronological order, with a few side trips…
Go to Gallery Page 2 and scroll down. Shots from 11-91 including Dream, Skill, Master, Vane and Toons.

Dream, MN, 11-91


I admit I’ve been slacking on bringing new material onto the posts here, and posting some on Facebook and Instagram instead, but I’ll start getting back to it here soon!

Sure had to clean out a load of spam in the comments. Seems like the most popular commentary are “Additional Roll Call,” which is nice, and some history memories… keep ’em comin’!

El Segundo Show

If you haven’t yet seen the show at the El Segundo Museum of Art, you are missing a GREAT show! WCA, CBS, KOG/LTS, K2STN, RTN, UTI, WAI and more are repped on the the walls and at a very high level.

BBoy Summit

I was asked to be a judge for a graffiti competition at last months B Boy Summit organized by the respected B Girl Asia One. I was there along with West and Hex TGO to judge, and all of us found it tough to choose. In a competition like that you kind of end up making nobody happy when you choose a winner, but the main thing was to let people see a group of high caliber writers do their thing; a roll call of tags, a throwie, and a piece that said “FLY,” which they were told would be the word of choice on the spot. Below: Prime (Puro LA), Cre8, Fearo, Versuz, JoJo, Versuz.
DSC_9327, PrimeDSC_9323, Cre8DSC_9330, FearDSC_9310, Versuz tagsDSC_9320, Jojo-ccDSC_9331, Versuz Fly

Bordeaux, France!

Woo hoo! After various trials and tribulations, my little video series on the street art of Bordeaux, France, is now up on youtube and ready for viewing. I would like all my graffster and art related friends to check it out! I will apologize in advance for cross-posting. Here is the link for the seven part series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcG0CLHlDl9BNR5HMEQiAlCE3h-HPIwKG



Scoop This Up!


The first batch of train shots from my Iowa trip are up. Go to Gallery Page 2 and scroll down to see them!

DSC_4496, Ichabod good

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